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Where David Raikow’s First Sentence Tells It All

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Mr. Raikows reaction to
this article reveals even
more about his scientific
methodology as well as his
knowledge of creationism.
First impressions can go a long way towards either fostering or eroding one’s credibility, even more so when one is advocating or defending a point of view.  It is truly remarkable, then, that one David Raikow introduces his evolutionist website (ironically named creationism.com) with what can only be accurately described as a bald-faced lie.

Mr. Raikow’s very first sentence begins (as of 23 July 2003) as follows:

“Its [sic] more than just embarrassing that America is the only industrialized nation [sic] that has a serious and perennial problem with the pseudoscience of creationism...”

Leaving aside his “university-level”[1] grammar and punctuation, the true caliber of Mr. Raikow’s research skills is with this statement laid bare for all to see.  A brief visit—on the same day (23 July 2003)—to the Creation Research Society’s website yielded 58 creationist organizations in nations other than the United States (presumably Mr. Raikow’s “America”)—each of them industrialized in some measure, but some understandably more than others—as follows:

 Australia  India  Poland
 Belgium  Italy  Russia
 Bolivia  Japan  South Africa
 Brazil  Netherlands  Spain
 Canada  New Zealand  Sweden
 Denmark  Nigeria  Switzerland
 Germany  Norway  Ukraine
 Hong Kong  Peru  United Kingdom
 Hungary  Philippines  Venzuela

The above figures aren’t exhaustive by any means, and they don’t include non-Christian (e.g., Muslim or Hebrew) creationist organizations, which would otherwise raise the total figure (example: the Science Research Foundation, Turkey).  Nor do they include any “Intelligent Design” organizations, which would have to be included according to Mr. Raikow’s definition of creationism, raising the total number even further.

How a writer who begins with such a baseless whopper could expect the balance of his work to be taken seriously is hard to fathom.  Some readers (especially evolutionists) might blithely read on, oblivious to Mr. Raikow’s lack of objective factual analysis and moral integrity.  But when a writer so quickly sends his own credibility through the floor, I find no compelling basis for reading any further—he has already proven that his colors and his character will displace any prospect of the kind of rigorous and objective analysis that might otherwise have been expected from a self-described university-credentialed “scientist.”

End Note

[1]  Elsewhere on his site, Mr. Raikow tells his readers that he has a “Ph. D. in Zoology, Ecology, Evolutionary Biology, and Behavior from Michigan State University” and a “M.S. in Biological Sciences, a B.S. in Biological Sciences and a B.A. in the History and Philosphy of Science from the University of Pittsburgh”   [RETURN TO TEXT]

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