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A Young-Earth Creationist Bibliography

compiled by Henry M. Morris, Ph.D.*

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"Vital Articles on Science/Creation" November 1995

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The books listed in this bibliography represent works of authors advocating literal creationism, including the six-solar-day creation week and a worldwide cataclysmic flood. No opinion is implied regarding the relative merits or deficiencies of the listed books, but it should be noted that over 70% of them are by authors with earned doctorates.

Only books written at high school level or above, and of 75 or more pages in length, are included. The listing is tentative and incomplete, but at least indicates the significant amount of literature now available in this field, with over 125 titles listed here. With the above limitations in mind, it is hoped that this bibliography will be useful to our readers. All of the books listed are believed to be still in print and thus accessible.

There are many creation-oriented books which also accept the so-called "geologic ages". These are not included in this listing.

  1. Ackerman, Paul D., In God's Image After All (Baker Book House, 1990), 101pp.
  2. Ackerman, Paul D., It's a young World After All (Baker Book House, 1986), 131 pp.
  3. Andrews, Edgar H., Concepts in Creationism (Presbyterian and Reformed, 1994).
  4. Andrews, Edgar H., From Nothing to Nature (Presbyterian and Reformed, 1978), 120 pp.
  5. Andrews, Edgar H., Christ and the Cosmos (Presbyterian and Reformed, 1986), 128 pp.
  6. Andrews, Edgar H., God, Science and Evolution (Presbyterian and Reformed, 1980), 129 pp.
  7. Austin, Steven A., ed., Grand Canyon: Monument to Catastrophe (Institute for Creation Research, 1994)
  8. Austin, Steven A., ed., Catastrophes in Earth History (Institute for Creation Research, 1984)
  9. Baker, Mace, Dinosaurs (Bible Science Association, 1995).
  10. Barnes, Thomas G., Science and Biblical Faith ( Creation Research Society, 1993), 191pp.
  11. Barnes, Thomas G., Origin and Destiny of the Earth's Magnetic Field ( Creation Research Society, 1983), 132 pp.
  12. Bartz, Paul A., Creation Moments (Bible Science Association, 1990), 260 pp.
  13. Bartz, Paul A., Letting God Create Your Day (Bible Science Association, 1991), 267 pp.
  14. Bartz, Paul A., ed., Influencing Our Children: Darwin's Impact on Education (Bible Science Association, 1992) 213 pp.
  15. Bergman, Jerry and George Howe, Vestigial Organs Are Fully Functional ( Creation Research Society, 1990), 97 pp.
  16. Bird, Wendell R., The Origin of Species Revisited (Thomas Nelson Co., 1989), 2 vols., 1149 pp.
  17. Bliss, Richard B., Duane T. Gish and Gary E. Parker, Fossils: Key to the Present (Master Books, 1980), 81 pp.
  18. Bliss, Richard B., Voyage to the Stars (Institute for Creation Research, 1991), 111 pp.
  19. Bliss, Richard B., and Donald DeYoung, Voyage to the Planets (Institute for Creation Research, 1994), 128 pp.
  20. Bliss, Richard B., Origins: Creation or Evolution (Master Books, 1988), 76 pp.
  21. Boys, Don, Evolution: Fact, Fraud, or Faith (Freedom Publications, 1994), 352 pp.
  22. Brown, Walter T., In the Beginning (Center for Scientific Creation, 1989), 122 pp.
  23. Camping, Harold, Adam When? (Frontiers for Christ, 1974), 297 pp.
  24. Chittick, Donald, The Controversy (Multnomah Press, 1984), 280 pp.
  25. Coffin, Harold, Origin by Design (Review and Herald, 1983), 494 pp.
  26. Cooper, Bill, After the Flood (Creation Science Movement, 1995), 250 pp.
  27. Cousins, Frank, Fossil Man (Creation Science Movement, 1971), 138 pp.
  28. Culp, Richard, Remember Thy Creator (Historic Christian Publications East, 1990), 207 pp.
  29. Curtis, Wm. R., The Gospel Prior to Moses (Brentwood Christian Press, 1993), 155 pp.
  30. DeYoung, Donald B., Astronomy and the Bible (Baker Book House, 1989), 146 pp.
  31. DeYoung, Donald B., Science and the Bible (Baker Book House, 1994), 110 pp.
  32. Dickson, Roger E., The Fall of Unbelief (Apologetics Press, 1982), 571 pp.
  33. Dillow, Joseph, The Waters Above (Institute for Creation Research, 1982), 479 pp.
  34. Frair, Wayne and Percival Davis, A Case for Creation (Moody Press, 1983), 155 pp.
  35. Gentry, Robert, Creation's Tiny Mystery (Earth Science Associates, 1986), 315 pp.
  36. Gish, Duane T., The Amazing Story of Creation (Institute for Creation Research, 1990), 112 pp.
  37. Gish, Duane T., Evolution: The Fossils Still Say No!, 391 pp.
    Formerly: Evolution: Challenge of the Fossil Record (Master Books, 1985), 277 pp.
  38. Gish, Duane T., Creation Scientists Answer Their Critics (Institute for Creation Research, 1993), 451 pp.
  39. Gish, Duane T., and Henry M. Morris, The Battle for Creation (Institute for Creation Research, 1976), 321 pp.
  40. Gish, Duane T., Dinosaurs by Design (Master Books, 1992), 88 pp.
  41. Gitt, Werner, Did God Use Evolution? (Hanssler-Verlag, 1993), 152 pp.
  42. Ham, Ken, Genesis and the Decay of the Nations (Master Books, 1991), 81 pp.
  43. Ham, Ken, The Lie: Evolution (Master Books, 1987), 168 pp.
  44. Ham, Ken, Andrew Snelling and Carl Weiland, The Answers Book (Master Books, 1991), 140 pp.
  45. Helfinstine, Robert F. and Jerry D. Roth, Texas Tracks and Artifacts (Bible Science Association, 1994), 109 pp.
  46. Howe, George F., ed., Speak to the Earth (Creation Research Society, 1975), 463 pp.
  47. Humphreys, D. Russell, Starlight and Time (Master Books, 1994), 133 pp.
  48. Huse, Scott, Collapse of Evolution (Baker Book House, 1983), 178 pp.
  49. ICC Procedings: 1986 (2 vols., Creation Science Fellowship, 1987), 446 pp.
  50. ICC Procedings: 1990 (2 vols., Creation Sience Fellowship, 1991), 612 pp.
  51. ICC Procedings: 1994 (Creation Science Fellowship, 1995), 645 pp.
  52. Johnson, Wallace, Evolution? (Tan Books and Publishers, 1976), 138 pp.
  53. Keane, G.J., Creation Rediscovered (Credis Pty, Ltd., 1991), 302 pp.
  54. Lammerts, Walter E., ed., Scientific Studies in Special Creation ( Creation Research Society, 1971), 343 pp.
  55. Lammerts, Walter E., ed., Why Not Creation? ( Creation Research Society, 1970), 388 pp.
  56. Leupold, Herbert C., Genesis, Chs 1-19 (Baker Book House, 1949), 576 pp.
  57. Lester, Lane P. and Raymond G. Bohlin, The Natural Limits to Biological Change (Zondervan Publishing House, 1984), 207 pp.
  58. Lubenow, Marvin, Bones of Contention (Baker Book House, 1992), 295 pp.
  59. Manley, Isaac V., God Made (College Press Publ. Co., 1994), 209 pp.
  60. Marsh, Frank L., Variation and Fixity in Nature (Pacific Press, 1976), 150 pp.
  61. Martin, Jobe, The Evolution of a Creationist (Biblical Discipleship Publishers, 1994), 203 pp.
  62. Morris, Henry M., The Beginning of the World (Master Books, 1991), 181 pp.
  63. Morris, Henry M., The Remarkable Record of Job (Baker Book House, 1988), 146 pp.
  64. Morris, Henry M., The Biblical Basis for Modern Science (Baker Book House, 1986), 516 pp.
  65. Morris, Henry M., Scientific Creationism (Master Books, 1985), 281 pp.
  66. Morris, Henry M., The Long War Against God (Baker Book House, 1989), 344 pp.
  67. Morris, Henry M., Many Infallible Proofs (Master Books, 1974), 381 pp.
  68. Morris, Henry M., Science and the Bible (Moody Press, 1986), 154 pp.
  69. Morris, Henry M., The God Who is Real (Baker Book House, 1988) 96 pp.
  70. Morris, Henry M., The Genesis Record (Baker Book House, 1976), 716 pp.
  71. Morris, Henry M., Biblical Creationism (Baker Book House, 1993), 276 pp.
  72. Morris, Henry M., The Revelation Record (Tyndale Publishing House, 1983), 528 pp.
  73. Morris, Henry M., Creation and the Second Coming (Master Books, 1991), 194 pp.
  74. Morris, Henry M., Men of Science - Men of God (Master Books, 1988), 107 pp.
  75. Morris, Henry M., Christian Education for the Real World (Master Books, 1991), 295 pp.
  76. Morris, Henry M., Twilight of Evolution ( Baker Book House, 1963), 103 pp.
  77. Morris, Henry M., History of Modern Creationism (Institute for Creation Research, 1993), 444 pp.
  78. Morris, Henry M., and Martin E. Clark, The Bible Has the Answer (Master Books, 1987), 394 pp.
  79. Morris, John D., and Henry M. Morris, Science, Scripture and the Young Earth (Institute for Creation Research, 1989), 95 pp.
  80. Morris, John D., The Young Earth (Master Books, 1994), 206 pp.
  81. Mulfinger, George, ed., Design and Origins in Astronomy (Creation Research Society, 1983), 151 pp.
  82. Nelson, Ethel R. and C.H. Kang, Discoveries in Genesis (Concordia Publishing House, 1979), 139 pp.
  83. Nelson, Ethel R. and Richard E. Broadberry, Genesis and the Mystery Confucius Couldn't Solve (Concordia Publishing House, 1994), 174 pp.
  84. Oakland, Roger, G.S. McLean and L. McLean, The Evidence of Creation (1988), 185 pp.
  85. Oakland, Roger, and Caryl Matrisciana, The Evolution Conspiracy (Harvest House, 1991), 216 pp.
  86. Oard, Michael, An Ice Age Caused by the Genesis Flood (Institute for Creation Research, 1990), 243 pp.
  87. Overton, Basil, Evolution in the Light of Scripture, Science and Sense (Apologetics Press, 1988), 165 pp.
  88. Parker, Gary, Creation: Facts of Life (Master Books, 1994), 215 pp.
  89. Parker, Gary and Henry M. Morris, What is Creation Science? (Master Books, 1987), 363 pp.
  90. Pearcey, Nancy R. and Charles B. Thaxton, The Soul of Science (Bible Science Association, 1994), 349 pp.
  91. Remine, Walter James, The Biotic Message (St. Paul Science, 1993), 538 pp.
  92. Rohrer, Donald H. and Henry M. Morris, The Decade of Creation (Institute of Creation Research, 1980), 316 pp.
  93. Rosevear, David, Creation Science (New Wine Press, 1991), 158 pp.
  94. Rusch, Wibert H., The Argument: Creationism vs. Evolutionism ( Creation Research Society, 1984), 87 pp.
  95. Rybka, Theodore W., Geophysical and Astronomical Clocks (American Writing and Publishing Co., 1993), 134 pp.
  96. Sharp, G. Thomas, Science According to Moses (Creation Truth Publ., 1992), 442 pp.
  97. Sharp, Douglas, Revoltuion Against Evolution (Bible Science Assoc. 1993), 107 pp.
  98. Sippert, Albert, Evolution is Not Scientific (Sippert Publ. Co., 1995), 466 pp.
  99. Slusher, Harold S. The Origin of the Universe (Institute for Creation Research, 1980), 90 pp.
  100. Slusher, Harold S. and Steven G. Robertson, The Age of the Solar System (Institute for Creation Research, 1982), 131 pp.
  101. Sunderland, Luther D., Darwin's Enigma (Master Books, 1984), 177 pp.
  102. Taylor, Charles V., The Oldest Science Book in the World (Assembly Press, 1984), 142 pp.
  103. Taylor, Ian, In the Minds of Men (TFE Publishing, 1984), 498 pp.
  104. Taylor, Paul and Ken Ham, The Genesis Solution (Baker Book House, 1988), 126 pp.
  105. Taylor, Paul S., The Illustrated Origins Answer Book (Films for Christ, 1990), 128 pp.
  106. Taylor, Paul and Mark Van Bebber, Creation and Time (Films for Christ, 1994), 128 pp.
  107. Thompson, Bert, Creation Compromises (Apologetics Press, 1995), 303 pp.
  108. Vardiman, Larry, Ice Cores and the Age of the Earth (Institute for Creation Research, 1993), 87 pp.
  109. Von Fange, Erich A., Helping Children Understand Genesis and the Dinosaur (Living Word Services, 1992), 208 pp.
  110. Von Fange, Erich A., Genesis and the Dinosaur (Living Word Services, 1990), 311 pp.
  111. Von Fange, Erich A., Noah to Abram: The Turbulent Years (Living Word Services, 1994), 372 pp.
  112. Watson, David C., Myths and Miracles (Creation Science Foundation, 1988), 118 pp.
  113. Whitcomb, John C., The World that Perished (Baker Book House, 1988), 178 pp.
  114. Whitcomb, John C., The Early Earth (Baker Book House,1986), 174 pp.
  115. Whitcomb, John C., and Donald B. DeYoung, The Moon (BMH Books, 1978), 180 pp.
  116. Whitcomb, John C., and Henry M. Morris, The Genesis Flood (Presbyterian and Reformed Publ. Co., 1961), 518 pp.
  117. Whitcomb, Norma, Those Mysterious Dinosaurs (Presbyterian and Reformed Publ Co., 1991), 115 pp.
  118. White, A.J. Monty, How Old is the Earth? (Presbyterian and Reformed), 126 pp.
  119. White, A.J. Monty, Wonderfully Made (Presbyterian and Reformed), 128 pp.
  120. Wilder-Smith, A.E., The Natural Sciences Know Nothing of Evolution (Master Books, 1981), 185 pp.
  121. Wilder-Smith, A.E., He Who Thinks Has to Believe (Bethany House, 1981), 94 pp.
  122. Wilder-Smith, A.E., The Creation of Life (Master Books, 1970), 251 pp.
  123. Wilder-Smith, A.E., Man's Origin. Man's Destiny (Bible Science Association, 1968), 320 pp.
  124. Wilder-Smith, A.E., Scientific Alternative to Neo-Darwinian Evolutionary Theory (TWFT Publ., 1987), 198 pp.
  125. Williams, Emmett L., Thermodynamics and the Development of Order ( Creation Research Society, 1981), 141 pp.
  126. Willis, Tom, Real Scientists Just Say NO! (Mid-America Creation Science Association, 1993), 110 pp.
  127. Wilson, Clifford, Visual Highlights of the Bible: From Adam to Abraham (Pacific Christian Ministries, 1993), 147 pp.
  128. Woodmorappe, John, Studies in Flood Geology (Institute for Creation Research, 1993), 208 pp.
  129. Woodmorappe, John, Noah's Ark: A Feasibility Study (Institute for Creation Research, 1996), approx. 300 pp.
  130. Wysong, Randy, The Creation-Evolution Controversy (Inquiry Press, 1976), 455 pp.

* Dr. Henry Morris is President of the Institute of Creation Research.

All ICR staff members adhere to a Statement of Faith in the form of two documents:
"Tenets of Scientific Creationism, " and "Tenets of Biblical Creationism." (see Impact No. 85)

As a missionary organization, ICR is funded by God's people. The majority of its income is provided by individual donors who desire to proclaim God's truth about origins. Gifts can be designated for research, the graduate school, seminars, or any special part of the ICR ministry. All others will be used where most needed. We pledge to use them wisely and with integrity.

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