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(For reading material in print, please refer to the resources page at this site.)
    Creation Science Organizations & Institutions
  • Creation Research Society, a professional organization of scientists and laypersons, organized in 1963, now with international membership and research center. Site offers samplings from Creation Research Society Quarterly (CRSQ), a peer-reviewed journal, and Creation Matters, a bimonthly newsletter.
  • Creation Ministries International, featuring articles and excerpts from CMI’s own popular-level Creation Ex Nihilo magazine, and the peer-reviewed Journal of Creation (formerly Creation Ex Nihilo Technical Journal, then TJ), defending biblical creation, and challenging evolutionary dogma.
  • Institute for Creation Research, featuring information about ICR research efforts, publications, the ICR graduate school, and archives of many Impact and Back to Genesis articles written by ICR scientists.
  • Biblical Creation Society (UK) features a selection of materials and links to creation science sites.  The Society was founded in 1976, publishes the journal Origins twice annually, and, being based in Warwickshire, UK, brings into question the myth that creationism is embraced only by “American fundamentalists”.
    Other Sites in Defense of Creation Science
  • Creation Science Research Center featuring on-line versions of The Creation Explanation, Jesus Christ Creator, Handy Dandy Evolution Refuter, and a series of Creation Essays.
  • Creation Science Home Page featuring a wide range of essays and papers defending creation & biblical Christianity, and challenging evolution.
  • Revolution Against Evolution features a variety of essays, papers on a range of science- and philosophy-related topics, and several on-line books by various authors.
  • Biblical Geology Blog Tas Walker's comments on themse geological.
  • Creationism and the Early Church features the considerable research work of Robert I. Bradshaw.
  • Verein ProGenesis (ProGenesis Association - Switzerland) features German-language articles, books & media, some of the authors being available as event speakers.
    Intelligent Design (ID) Organizations
  • The Discovery Institute’s  Center for the Renewal of Science & Culture (CRSC), featuring work by a broad range of leading scholars and scientists, including (but not limited to) Behe, Bohlin, Berlinski, Craig, Dembski, Denton, Kenyon, Moreland, Pearcey, Thaxton, and Wells.
  • Access Research Network  Featuring Origins & Design, a peer-reviewed interdisciplinary journal and contribuutors including (but not limited to) Michael Behe, William Dembski, Phillip Johnson, Stephen Meyer, Nancy Pearcey, and Jonathan Wells.
    Individuals’ Creation Science Sites & Pages
  • Lambert Dolphin’s Resource Files, featuring a wealth of informative and technical materials on a broad variety of topics.
  • David Plaisted’s Creation Pages, featuring a healthy collection of informative and technical materials and links.
  • Andy Bradbury’s well-documented and well-researched essay on Darwin and his work, “Charles Darwin—The Truth?”.  Also worth a close look is Andy’s treatment of the Scopes Monkey Trial.
  • Barry Setterfield’s research and writings are invested with much time, effort, and no small struggle to simply receive a fair hearing.
    Sites Defending Biblical Christianity in General
    Other Recommended Sites
  • The Spurgeon Archive [Phil Johnson et al.] plays an outstanding role in the providential preservation of the expository legacy of the prince of preachers.
  • Phillip Johnson’s 1996 essay entitled “A call to separate materialist philosophy from empirical science”, as well as useful links to related resources.
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