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The Dogma of PBS

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American taxpayers have long subsidized the indoctrination efforts of the “Public Broadcasting Service” (PBS) via various combinations of historical revisionism, moral relativism, anti-Christian humanism, and pseudo-scientific evolutionism.  In the Fall of 2001, U.S. taxpayers assisted PBS in their greatest propaganda effort ever:  the making and broadcasing of the series entitled “Evolution”.

The producers of “Evolution” had aimed to indoctrinate viewers in part by ignoring the growing number of ways real-world science is proving to contradict the naturalistic religious beliefs of many evolutionists.  Their plans were nevertheless frustrated by the real world, and their spotlight stolen, when on September 11th thousands of defenseless Americans lost their lives in a few short hours, thanks to the practitioners of yet another form of science-free religious dogma.

Several months later, PBS sought to ease the producer’s frustrations with a second airing of the “Evolution” propaganda campaign in the Spring of 2002.  The commentary cited below comprise just a handful of the many well-deserved initial criticisms prompted by this typical product of the PBS dogma factory.  Even a cursory examination of these responses reveals that the ‘Evolution’ series insults the intelligence of folks who are anything but reactionary fundamentalists or ignorant simpletons.  This sharp, fact-based analysis is from people equipped with keen critical thinking skills who genuinely understand the workings of logic and empirical science.  What PBS has attempted to hide, they have exposed; what PBS has twisted, they have straightened out; where PBS has invented falsehoods, they have demonstrated the lies to be what they really are.

It’s shame enough on PBS that the American public continues to be subjected to PBS’s anti-Christian philosophical prejudices—in part, at their own expense.  The shame is only compounded by the fact that PBS’s dogma is so jealously guarded that dissenting voices won’t be heard but from outside the hollow shell of the PBS fortress...

  • AIG’s Response to “Evolution”
    Dr. Jonathan Sarfati’s detailed rebuttals to each episode of the series.

  • PBS’s “Evolution” Series is Propaganda, Not Science
    Josh Gilder’s September 24, 2001 WorldNetDaily commentary.

  • Fatuous Fimmaking
    Michael Behe’s September 28, 2001 WorldNetDaily commentary.

  • Darwin’s Public Defenders
    Stephen Meyer’s September 28, 2001 WorldNetDaily commentary.

  • The Discovery Institute’s Viewers’ Guide—a thorough exposé of the omitted facts and contrived fallacies in this issue of PBS propaganda.

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